The Wild Valparai

Beautiful hill station, tea estates, a small town wrapped in a jungle! Lion tailed macaque, Nilgiri Tahr, Hornbills, Malabar whistling thrushes and tons of beautiful birds was all that I knew about this place before this first trip of mine. The Pixellin Valparai wildlife photography tour was a wonderful opportunity for me to join and guide a group of wildlife photographers from Bangalore. All that I knew was about the endemic wildlife available at Valparai and the photography aspect of it but hardly knew anything about the “when” and “where” part of it.

The Failed Hunting Attempt

Even for the one’s who regularly visit the forest, witnessing a hunting attempt is still not a common sight. Especially in places like India where the forests are thick and dense, the probability of witnessing such moments are very less. That was probably a lucky day for me, I got to witness and document a failed hunting …